• Монастырь

    Content Focused

    Монастырь Саввы Освященного в городе Мелитополь богослужения идут каждый день.

  • Строительство братского храма

    Братский храм монастыря

    RokSprocket is a versatile, content switchblade extension that has multiple layouts, themes and a rich user interface.

  • Митрополит Лука

    Gantry Framework

    Gantry is a powerful cross-platform framework that sits at the heart of the template, powering various features.

  • Главный храм монастыря

    Two Menu Options

    Dropdown Menu is a CSS based system, with advanced features such as multiple columns and inline modules.

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Specific Styling Fields

The Style panel in the Gantry based template administration interface provides several options for configuring the main stylistic aspects of the template. While the default Gantry template includes several options, you can easily add and configure many more, based on your template's needs. The following configuration options are available by default:

hram dla site1

Сбор пожертвований на строительство

Спасо-Преображенского храма.